Monday, 2 April 2012

About NYOB

NYOB = Not Your Ordinary Bakery. Yes, a strange name I know. Well, I used to be a few years ago when I was doing decorated custom cakes. I've since moved on from Cakes to Other Bakes, with more healthful elements; I bake exclusively with organic unbleached flour and organic ingredients whenever I can. Some of the goodies which has come out from my kitchen can be found at my picasa web albums here.

Our family has just moved to the cosy island of Penang from Kuala Lumpur 3 months ago and are loving it! A more relaxed schedule has enabled me more time and mood to crack open my many recipe books. :)

For starters, NYOB is going to function on an Order Basis. I'll post the menu a week ahead. Do give me your order 2 days in advance via email to teckpoh.choo at (remove the spaces and change the at to @)) or text OR give me a tinkle at 012-383 5023 OR tweet me @NYOBakery. You can also find me at my facebook pages (Teck Poh Choo or NYOB). I'll be happy to deliver to locations around Lembah Permai. Alternatively, please collect orders at Dari (Korean) Cafe, 30 Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, Tg Bungah, 11200 Penang.

Monday: Breads (mostly organic sourdough breads)
Wednesday: Cookies
Saturday: Cakes

Let's see how this schedule goes. There is a quick scrolling view on the top right side-bar, but, you will have to go to the weekly baking schedule posts for details. If there are some treats you are craving for, let me know and I'll see if what I can do during the in-between days. ;)



  1. I found you through the Penang Mommas Google group. Welcome to Penang. I moved here last summer from Texas. Before I left Texas, I baking was a big hobby of mine. Now that I'm here, I seem to have fallen out of the habit. It's hard for me to find all my usual ingredients, and dealing with a hot, humid kitchen has been problematic since I'm used to central airconditioning.

    I have a few friends who may be interested in yummy gluten-free baked goods if that's something you offer.

  2. I also just found you through Penang Mommas group...which I just found from a friend. I am THRILLED that I found you as I have been looking for healthy, organic sour dough breads as we follow Weston Price and a strict organic diet for health reasons.

    I would like to start my own SD too although I do not have an oven here. I do ferment a lot and make home made pasta, tex mex tortillas, ravioli etc. I thought I might try some flat bread or fry bread or something out of SD with what I have.

    I am a writer and would love to write about what you do!

  3. Hi Jeanne,

    I peeked at your profile, and, what an interesting life you are living! How long will you be in Pg? Do you intend to get an oven? I'd be happy to pass some starter to you. It has a SF gold rush history *wink*.